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About Me
Actor. Narrator. Filmmaker. Photographer. ARTIST.

Mikhail Roberts was born in Iowa City, Iowa.  As a boy he lived abroad for 5 years in Japan, and picked up a fluency for the language.  He first trained in voice, piano, and trumpet performance.  Upon returning to the US, he was met with an incredible culture shock, and found it difficult to reintegrate into western society.  It was then that his other artistic and creative talents began to manifest themselves more aggressively, and soon Roberts found that he had an eye for 2D art, and a knack for sculpture.  In middle school he picked up the guitar, electric bass and tuba, but it was in high school that he discovered his true love:  Acting.   
By this point, Mikhail was behind the game, so he joined as many productions as he could, so he could get as much experience as he could, in as little time as possible.  When it came time for him to go to college, he chose only one school to audition for; The University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music Dramatic Performance program-- it was there that he would acquire the foundation he would build upon for the rest of his career. 
During the summer between his freshman and sophomore year, he was cast in his first ever leading role in a feature film as the role of Josh Daniels in the indie horror The Monster's Mind, directed by Brett Hatten.  Then, during the following summer, he starred in a leading role in the indie TV pilot Seven Hills, where he first worked with writer director Tyler Wirtanen.  The two of them would go on to write and produce numerous short-films in Cincinnati, until Mikhail's graduation. 
After graduating and moving to Los Angeles, Mikhail started working behind the camera even more--first as a boom-mic operator, PA, and grip.  Then finally, after the purchase of a RED SCARLET cinema camera, he started getting hired as 1st and 2nd AC, and eventually Director of Photography. 
In 2014, Roberts took a hiatus from production, due to booking a role in the the debut cast of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka. He remained there for three consecutive contracts, and during that time, began to develop his skills as a photographer.  He found that many of the concepts of cinematography applied, so he quickly grew a portfolio doing headshot photography for his fellow cast members.
In 2017, Mikhail finally returned to his beloved Los Angeles, having paid off the entirety of his student loans, amassed a savings, and acquired a new skill set as a photographer. 
Currently, he resides in Los Feliz, making a living acting, filming, and taking headshots.  Mikhail is currently enrolled in Lesly Kahn's ongoing acting class, and was most recently featured on NBC's This Is Us as Nicky Pearson.
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